~ Festive Felicitations ~

As Hayley takes her final few gasps, it's time to pass on Yuletide greetings to all of The Corrie Campaign's followers. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support to date and I truly believe it's not going to be wasted.

I've been very quiet on here recently due to the huge demands of my massively challenging theatre tour but hopefully this fortune cookie's message will bear fruit for me (and all of us) next year. I have big plans, so keep those beady eyes poised.

Buon Natale! x

25 December 2013

~ Flying Off With Deirdre And The Ducks ~

So, tomorrow sees The Corrie Campaign embark on a new adventure. I'm playing Mr Hyde in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde for TNT Theatre (none of this year's dates are listed yet). I'm going to over ten countries from Slovakia to Cambodia and Latvia to Vietnam. Once again, the Corrie bosses have been very kind to let me off from filming to drink potion and be downright dastardly on stage.

I simply had to pack Deirdre and the ducks to spread the word of the campaign and drum up some Lithuanian support - by the way, stop judging my packing!
Tomorrow, first stop München.

1 September 2013

~ I Am Attach'd With Weariness ~

Another job over.  Who would have thought that The Corrie Campaign would have brought me my first ever professional Shakespeare job since drama school and first outdoor production?  Many thanks to Teatro Vivo for meeting with me and giving me the opportunity. I'm not sure I cut the mustard but the campaign was always about work breeding work and now another job is in the pipeline.  More news to follow.  (It's all so great of the Corrie bosses to give me all this time off filming in order to pursue other work. How good are they?)

Anyway, my bed awaits and it's time to put King Alonso to bed too.

Till next time...


11 August 2013

~ From Weatherfield to Will of Shake ~

It's been nearly a month since my last email and blog post. You didn't think I'd gone away entirely, did you?

It's so good that ITV bosses have let me out of filming to rehearse for my other job - reading verse. Yes, as as direct result of the campaign and its emails comes this job:

I am playing Alonso for Teatro Vivo's production of "After The Tempest" at various London parks. We open on Saturday 13 July and run till 10 August.

First professional Shakespeare and first professional outdoor production - bricking it! Bring one of Roy's rolls if it gets a bit nippy.

10 July 2013

~ And that's a wrap! ~

...oh and a cheeky bottle of fizz.
So, it's over. The final email has just been sent and I'm not on Corrie.  What a loser!

Amongst my three emails today was director (and actor) Kathy Burke. Let's hope she reads it and sees the commitment and humour of the campaign.

The final goal wasn't achieved but c'est la vie! I can't say I've enjoyed the whole thing but I came up with all this nonsense, so had to follow it through. I will miss it in a way.

It has achieved in some ways too. It was about being pro-active and what that looked like. I actually have two theatre jobs lined up soon and the first was a direct result of a campaign email. I had a year two planned too but this work has thwarted it somewhat. I certainly need a sabbatical (or gap year from it), a lie down...and another glass of fizz. I also had a director email me today saying he'd like to meet.

Your favourite character (as voted for by the people) was Trev Gilroy.
Let's hope the producers have taken note and are writing him (and me) in at the moment.

I know the casting director is about to give birth any day. I met one of her good friends on a job only last week.  Weird or what? Let's hope she can find time to give the blog a glance in one of her deprived sleep moments.

The blog will continue sporadically and your feedback, as ever, is welcomed with open arms but only if it's scathing and negative!

Cobbled! x


~ Gird Yer Loins! ~

So, here it is.

Totally unrelated  to The Corrie Campaign, I saw an advert looking for impressions of Corrie characters for a feature on ITV's This Morning. Now, I don't do impressions but thought this was too good an opportunity to miss for the blog. They needed 30 second videos by noon the next day. I gave a stab at Roy (cause it's my Dad's name) and the rest is history as they say.

I got a call at 6pm on the following day (Monday) and there was a car picking me up at 07:45 (Wednesday).  I was obviously terrified and didn't quite admit to the producer that I was an actor in case they want real people. (Actors - you know we're not real!)

I arrived and found out the other two guys were professional impressionists - yikes! After our rehearsals, we waited for hours (as per) and had about 5 seconds of airtime instead of our 30 seconds we'd rehearsed.  With it being live, certain features had gone over and we were squeezed into no time whatsoever. The guy from Britain's Got Talent didn't even get on and the poor chap had travelled down from Birkenhead that morning. OUCH!

As you can see, I don't look or sound anything like him but at least Phillip Schofield looked as though he enjoyed my nonsense.

My amazing technical skills were tested, so I simply videoed the ITV player. Incredible quality, I know.

22 May 2013

~ Full Match Report To Follow ~

Well, let's just say it was all a bit of a washout. We were couldn't hear anything and had no time whatsoever. The poor guy from Britain's Got Talent didn't even get on to do his Steve McDonald. Live TV meant that things didn't go to plan whatsoever.  Needless to say that I can't bring myself to watch it yet. However, many thanks to @fablus for capturing this image - pulling a face and doing a ridiculous voice as ever - always makes things better.

More about the day to come.

16 May 2013

~ Brace yourselves ~

Poop the bed! 

The Corrie Campaign is going on This Morning tomorrow...in disguise.  That's right, Wednesday 15 May 2013 on ITV.  I think it will be around 12.15pm but nothing is definite.  I don't know what I can and can't say but a sleepless night lies ahead of me for sure.  
It won't be pretty. In fact, it will probably be quite horrendous but, as I keep saying "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results is insane!"

Cross your hot-pots for me!

14 May 2013

~ In The Nick Of Time ~

Finally! I've landed a permanent role in Corrie. It's only taken eleven months but it's been totally worth it. The great news is that I will feature in every single episode.

Thank you to all for making my dream come true and really giving me that step up that I so needed.

Just trying to get my fee upped now by becoming one of the new pigeons. I know I'm in the mix. It's all about "the fit" with the rest of the flock. Fingers everyone.

11 May 2013

~ Campaign Goes Mental ~

...well, almost.

I'm going to be in a play about mental health at Pleasance Theatre on Wed 1st and Thurs 2nd May at 19:30.  It's called Rec Room by Chizzy Akudolu (pictured below).  Now you're scared!

I know what you're thinking.  Yes, believe it or not, I'm playing a doctor - not a patient

Come along. Tell your hot, industry chums to come along and I'll give you the once over!


You're discharged now.

23 April 2013

~ Skim readers ~

  • I do NOT send 3 emails per day to Coronation Street casting directors.
  • I send them to everyone BUT Coronation Street.  That's the twist!

If I did bombard Corrie like that, they'd probably want to slit my throat.  (They still probably want to do that though).

This post came about following a chance meeting with an old friend that I hadn't seen for a while.  She said she'd skim read the campaign.  DISGRACEFUL!

As you were!

18 April 2013

~ Best Pressie Ever? ~

Could it be any better? The end is nigh and I'm wearing black.  Ok, there are only two months remaining for this nuts campaign but who better to offset the colour of mourning than our very own Deirdre Barlow? I suspect someone knows my taste in t-shirts very well. My recent birthday also saw the arrival of this accompanying card. Huge thanks to @fablus.
(I thought I'd let you know the time this photo was taken too. I knew it would be of huge interest to you.)

Around 180 emails remain for those lucky industry folk. I would say it's been a blast but it's felt more like a marathon.  How apt at this time of year?

I leave you with Deirdre's first line "I think it's about time somebody bought me another drink." 

13 April 2013

~ Thinking of getting a tat! ~

So, loads of cool tattoos out and about at the moment and I've been questioning what I should get. If you know me, you know I'd never get one...probably...I think...yeah. Anyway, what would it be?  I reckon it would need to acknowledge the campaign in some way. I came up with this:

It represents my current feeling about the campaign. People keep telling me I've hit the 20 mile mark of the marathon. I can't wait for it to finish. I'm sure it's nowhere near as hard as a marathon but there are days when I'd sooner stick pins in my eyes than send another email. Just over two months remain. Phew!

Anyway, best of British to all those marathon runners who are currently pushing their limits. Anyone got a Groupon voucher for an eight hour ink sesh?

31 March 2013

~ That wonderful moment when...~

a Casting Director texts you from out of the blue...with a picture. Only in Brighton, eh? The delicious Nadine Rennie CDG sent me this.  What a diamond ! Clearly I'm the first thing that comes to her mind when she sees a shopping bag. I just need to get down to D & S Alahan's Corner Shop now to do a big shop.

See, actors - casting directors aren't that bad, are they?

19 March 2013

~ Raymond's of Rosamund Street ~

Who'da thunk it?  A rival newsagent round the corner from Rita and Norris.  Meet Raymond. He's just arrived  in Weatherfield and the business is doing brilliantly. Oh, I forgot to mention he's called Raymond Cole.  That's right - Norris' son. He's yet to find out he even has a child. He is more concerned about the drop in sales...never mind his advances to Mary.

Raymond has just returned from three years in Cambodia and contraband cigarettes are his speciality.  Sherbert DibDabs from under the counter are also proving very popular.  Carla keeps visiting to keep up her supply...no one she now works all through the night.

Many thanks to the wonderful Eve Brazier for this storyline coming to your Tivo box soon.

14 March 2013

~ Cause it's bitchcraft, wicked bitchcraft...~

Not feeling the campaign much at the mo.  I'm still trotting my three a day out like a loon and not getting much back.  I plough on regardless.  

No one said it was gonna be easy but it's gonna be worth it! is what they say, isn't it?  It better blinkin' well had be.  

Anyway I should be flaunting my wares, shouldn't I?  

Here's the episode of Bitchcraft I posted about a few weeks back.  In case other actors look better than me, I enter the action at 2 mins 29 seconds.  Please feel free to tell all your industry friends about how atrocious I am in it and never to cast me.

I was overwhelmed by your responses to my Sexy competition.  I could be some time riffling through all those thousands of entries.

24 February 2013

~ Sexy? ~

So, today marks the 8 month point of the campaign.  That's around 720 emails so far!  I was recently asked to give a three/four sentence nutshell of how the campaign works.  I had a go but struggled to make it succinct...or sexy.  I was thinking along the lines of what those networky people do when they sell their business in 30 seconds or whatever.

I came up with the following:

Nick is going to be in Corrie by sending 1095 emails over the course of a year to industry pros.  He contacts 3 totally different CDs or directors every single day but never Corrie's casting dept.  (The email doesn't directly mention the campaign, nor its details, nor mechanics.  He has a private spreadsheet with responses and a ridiculous blog to chart progress.)  

Sarah Ford (actor and director extraordinaire) came up with:

Nick Dutton is going to be in Corrie by July 2013 by sending 3 emails a day for a year to industry pros, but without once contacting Corrie's casting department.  By July he will have written 1095 mails.  His emails never directly mention his campaign but if you follow the link at the bottom of them you follow his progress with his ridiculous blog.

Can you do any better (with a third of the campaign remaining)?  Think sexy!  There's a special mystery prize too.  You can contact me directly if you want to go under the radar...or simply post below.

This is a pic of Phyllis from Corrie - not Sarah "Sassy" Ford!

12 February 2013

~ A Steve and Mark party (part 2) ~

Just remembered that I promised you a pic of my outfit to Soho Theatre's Christmas party.  As the reminder, the theme was to go as a famous Steve or Mark (the first names of the venue's Artistic Director and Executive Director respectively).  My aim not to spend any money on this campaign was scuppered when the shop wouldn't take my flying ducks' sweater back for a refund.   Therefore, it makes another campaign appearance.

Not content with my £1 Steve Coogan facemask from Primarni Skidmark, I had to fashion a Steve McDonald mask.

I also thought I'd give double value by still wearing the Coogan mask on the back of my head.  Let's just say everyone was terrified.

Merry Christmas folks.

08 February 2013

~ Bitchcraft ~

I get a horrible feeling that this blog is beginning to look a little like me dressing up in as many different costumes as possible.  However, this photo is from an episode of Bitchcraft that I filmed just before Christmas.  The first few episodes are already online and can be found by clicking on the italicised and underlined series name above.  I'll keep you posted when my episode goes live.

I play Tom in a speed dating scene where all the characters are in fancy dress. (See, I'm not addicted to dressing up.  They made me!)  My costume, a Youtube page of "Guy You Wanna Date" was a pretty hefty costume and was heavily strapped round my torso with heaps of gaffa tape.  Bathroom breaks were very interesting.  Not quite sure why I'm flaring my nostrils and looking particularly unsavoury here but maybe once you see it, it will make sense.

Talking of unsavoury, I was contacted the other day.  Here's some of their email:

'My Dead Friend', a short film that centres around Harold, a nervous recluse who finds it difficult to enter the world outside of his house. He is incapable of communicating or maintaining relationships with others, including his own sister, Ellis, until he is stunned to find that the safe sanctuary of his flat has been disturbed by the body of a dead man lying on his bathroom floor. Unable to deal with the situation and face the outside world again, Harold has no choice but to continue living with the dead body, resulting in him finally being able to form a new 'relationship'.
Having seen your profile, we would love you to consider auditioning for the part of Harold.

Do you think a pattern is emerging? Eeek.  Maybe Corrie shouldn't see this blog.  I didn't audition!

Anyway, here's a picture of tired actors on the Bitchcraft shoot.

03 Februaary 2013

~ A Steve and Mark party ~

So, I went to the Christmas party of Soho Theatre a fortnight ago.
There was a theme.  
You had to go as a famous Mark or Steve.  I obviously had to go as Steve McDonald. 
As I was running late, I had to tinker around on one of their PCs for part of my outfit.  Little did I know that there was a box office printer linked to it and this would be the outcome.  It's like Steve has his own one-man show on at Soho.  Should I spread a rumour?
The marketing department got super excited as they were unaware that images could be printed on tickets.  Who'd a thunk?  There will be later posts with my finished "two for the price of one" party gear - fear ye not!

24 January 2013

~ COC ~

"Alright Cock!" was something that Bet used to say all the time.  However, I'll be saying "COC" in a different context if you come to see COC at Theatre 503 on Tuesday 22 January at 19:45.

It's a new short play by Polly Churchill and Vanessa Wilkins and directed by Sarah Ford.  It's set in the future where sexism is in the process of being eradicated.   If I tell you I'm the token male character, it will give you a flavour of the play!

This photo will mean more to you when you come to see it.

If you're one of those thousands of industry professionals that reads this blog, and you're desperate to see my work, please get in touch either directly or via my agent for comps.

Other actors/actresses/gender neutral performers include:
Jessica Burgess
Jemma Churchill
Naomi Paxton
Please click on their names for their CVs.

See thee there!

15 January 2013

~ Special Southport Guest ~

I totally forgot to tell you of my special guest this Christmas.  How remiss of me?  Yes, we got a visit from Hilda Ogden.

Interestingly, the actress that played Hilda (Jean Alexander) now resides in my hometown of Southport.  She's 86 years young according to Wikipedia.

Anyway, Happy New Year to you and yours.  Not long left before I'm on screen!

In the meantime, I'm in a very short play in a fortnight.  More news to follow...

08 January 2013

~ How's it going? ~

...is a regular question I get when chatting to folk wanting to know the progress of The Corrie Campaign.

Well, as Lord Lloyd Webber and Richard Stilgoe said in that musical, Starlight Express: There's a Light at the End of the Tunnel. Not really but after a drought of responses, I've had a couple of lovely messages. The first one is my favourite yet because it refers to the fact that I do three emails a day. Without having found my blog, there's no way that this director could know my daily routine from what I said in my email alone. Therefore, curiosity got the better of her. BIG TICK!

Anyway here are those heart warming responses:

Hi Nick. Thanks for your email. I really admire your 3 emails a day plan and hope it's bringing you lots of meetings. I'm not directing at the moment as I have a lot of writing projects on, so won't be casting in the near future. I've watched your showreel and will keep you in mind down the line when I get back to directing. Very good luck with your enterprising approach.  Best wishes, XXX

Thanks for your message, Nick
I'm all casted for the shows I'm doing until April but I'll certainly keep you in mind for anything after that.
Very best
Identities have been protected but I do like the use of "casted."  I realise there's probably a heavy dose of lip service in these messages but I really appreciate their desire to respond.
30 December 2012  

~ If the mountain will not come to Muhammad... ~

...the mountain must stagger its way to Muhammad.  And I feel like a mountain!  (Yes, I did have to look up the spelling for that phrase.)

I don't know what was more odd: me having Christmas Day with the Corrie cast or buying myself this hideous jumper, all for the sake of the campaign.

All of the cast were very welcoming but refused to share a dressing room with me in the New Year.  There was a special guest there, too, making a special appearance from the grave.
All will be revealed at a later date.

Anyway, hope St Nick brought you everything you so wished.  I must crack on with my three emails now.  All I need is a magic lamp and some hefty elbow grease.  

Enjoy The Day of Box!

25 December 2012

~ Have yourself a very cobbled Christmas! ~

So who will be my three for Christmas day?  Fire over some email addresses of parties that you think may be interested.

As they say in Albania: "Merry Christmas!"

20 December 2012

~ Happy Birthday CC! ~

So, it's 6 months ago that I started this email marathon of "3 a day." 

This video makes me look like I never leave the house. The dicky bow and dressing gown is a great look that I must try more often.

Please keep spreading the word (even if it's to nans and granddads, I don't care) and thank you so much so far.

Lots of love,

Nick x


~ It's a boy! ~

So, the cat's out the bag.  Tina has decided to go through with the pregnancy and here's a sneak preview of the new arrival on the street.

Meet Will Gary Windass - the twinkle of his parents' eye.  Tina is horrified and does not want anything to do with him when she sees he has a rather disturbing five o'clock shadow, hairy legs, pits and nipples.  Izzy can't stop holding him but soon resents his every being when he buckles her wheelchair with his unusual weight.  He sleeps a lot and both Gary and Izzy are frequently perturbed at their inability to wake him.

Watch forthcoming episodes to see how his character develops and his body grows as they continue to bottle feed him rioja and liquidised pork scratchings...

6 December 2012

~ A hug from Uncle Umed ~

It's quite a while since I last posted and indeed Helen has now left the jungle.  The kangaroo penis has left Corrie too...and I'm not talking about Uncle Umed.  He was more of a koala bear!  Remember him?

Anyway, as I have mentioned before, there are just some days when I can't be bothered to do my emails...or do anything campaign related.  It's getting chillier.  It's darker.  I have a cold and sore throat but I know I have to do it.  I would disappoint so many people if I didn't do it - and ultimately would disappoint myself.

I've had a spate of very nearly getting jobs, receiving positive comments only to be told "we've gone another way with it."  It's deeply frustrating when all you want is "you were too short," "too gummy" or "you were dreadful."  Despite all that, we plough on as only we know how and drag ourselves to our  next castings whilst attempting to look as cool as the next guy.

I'm pleased to say I do have a few gigs coming up: one is an online comedy series and the other is a workshop of a new musical plus a couple of other bits and bobs.

I'm filming on Sunday for a new online series called Bitchcraft and will be playing an eBay selller who goes speed-dating and, without giving too much away, is psychotic!  Nothing new there then.  I went along to the casting after I'd spent a long day acting and facilitating in a dementia care home.  I was frazzled and probably relaxed enough to do a good meeting.

I've yet to discover whether the Director knows about this blog.  Watch this space.  I did a short film a few weeks ago and, as I was having the costume fitting, the Producer told me that she'd read my blog.  Even today when I was having lunch today with an agent friend of mine, she told me her boss had been looking at one of my posts.

That's the bonkers thing about this project.  I have no idea who has and hasn't read it.  Have Corrie big-wigs seen it and put a black mark against my name?  Is it worth the three emails a day?  Perhaps I just need a hug from Uncle Umed!

29 November 2012

~ Kangaroo penis cast in Corrie ~

Yes, that's right folks.  An Equity reciprocal agreement has just been agreed.  Due to Helen Flanagan's appearance in the jungle, British and Australian actors' unions have come up with a wonderful new exchange programme.

As of January, a kangaroo penis will be coming to British screens in Coronation Street...or will it be me? <same thing>

18 November 2012

~ Introducing Trev! ~

Just under five months in to the campaign, there have been exciting developments!
Meet, Lynch...Trev Lynch.

The unknown son of a certain famous landlady rocks up in his "middle of the range" white Range Rover.  He's just come back to Mancland after living most of his life in Puerto Banus.  Well Marbs is so last year!  He's got designs on The Rovers and he's bringing his best albondigas for the brewery to sample.  They even rival Mary's on her Spanish night at Cafe Ole.

Filming has begun and his opening scene is gonna cause shockwaves!  Watch this space.

(Certain elements of this blog entry are untrue.) 

~ Desperate or determined? ~

So I've been chatting to friends about the campaign of late.  I'm luck enough to say that people are (or maybe they're pretending to be) interested in my progress.

I'm pleased to say that  no one has been rude to me or even negative.  The response rate currently lies at 14% which is more than I expected.  In my pre-campaign preparations, I mooted the ideas to some Casting Directors and Directors to mixed response.  No one was disparaging in any way.  One lovely Casting Director told me "yes, it could look desperate but, hey times are tough, and it shows that you're determined.  We're all a little bit desperate."

The desperate versus determined debate continues to play on my mind and recently I've had a wee bit of negativity from a couple of fellow actors.  Both had equally positive comments also, so it didn't hit me too hard.  One comment was "Be careful you don't come across as too desperate."  The other was "your campaign for Corrie is a bit too narrow."

For those that know me, you'll  know my corporate role play work often merges into my everyday life.  So, I did a SMART action plan before this and to my mind the campaign is:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic 
  • Time-bound

To contextualise all of this, some will have seen the article I recently put up on The Corrie Campaign Facebook page:

Whether I come across as desperate or not, I guess, is in the eyes of the reader.

I'd love to know what you think.  Please post your comments here, on Facebook or message me privately.

~ My first meeting (baby steps) ~

So, I'm four months in and I have my first meeting today at 5pm as a direct result of my emails.  It's not with Corrie though before you wet yourselves with excitement.  It's with a theatre director.  I saw one of his productions a few weeks ago and made contact as one of "my three" a couple of weeks ago.
This campaign is all about spreading the word and work breeding work.  Even a director, I worked with a couple of years ago on a short film, directed her first two episodes of Hollyoaks as of yesterday.
It's gonna happen for me.  It's just a matter of time.
If you're reading this, what have you done today to spread the "The Corrie Campaign" love? Maybe send a link to someone.  They don't even have to be in the industry.  PLEASE!

Why the piccie of Caffè Nero? Well, it was director's meeting place of choice and I noted his well observed double "FF" in Caffè.  He  informed me it's cause it's Italian for black coffee.  I always knew Nero was Italian for black but hadn't thought about it referring to the coffee.  I think I might order a white tea to be controversial.  

Anyway, I can't believe you're still reading this.  It's not even that interesting.


~ How irritating am I? ~

You know when you get an email where someone has cc'ed others in and really they meant to use bcc instead?  Guess who's been keeping those emails over the years?  I knew deep down it was wrong but somehow thought they'd come in useful one day.  After a very long day, I had a memory jolt and remembered that I'd stashed those emails into a "useful contacts" folder.  Uh Oh!

Anyway, apologies to those industry pros who thought they'd escape my flaming fingers.  An email is coming your way very soon.

What Data Protection Act?

~ Reality beckons... ~

You know she's totally gutted I'm not joining her.
So, four months in and I'm going to be on a reality TV show!


I've been talking to someone, as a result of the campaign, about being on a new reality TV show.

After much soul searching, I decided against it but will probably rue the day.  There were various factors that made up my mind but my gut instinct was to plough on with my baby The Corrie Campaign.  One of my concerns was around being taken "seriously" as an professional actor.  Mind you, I guess I've lost all credibility since starting this ridiculousness project.

Anyway, one door shuts and another one opens.  I have a voice over job tomorrow with no casting (hurray) and I had a really nice theatre audition today...though I suspect I'm not good looking enough to get it.  Off to Harley Street in the morn for some  reconstructive surgery.

Night y'all!

~ FAQs Appeal ~

I nearly called this post "The FAQs Actor" after Saturday night TV but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I thought that "FAQs Appeal" seemed more appropriate as I'm simply oozing faqs appeal from every pore. You may or may not have noticed that I've added an extra tab to my blog. I'm nearly four months in and realised, like with all good sites, that I should have a page of Frequently Asked Questions. It's here. I fear I may have missed some though. They're probably ones that haven't been asked frequently enough...maybe they're IAQs. Any road, let me have 'em and ask away till your heart's content.

~ Sunday night passion ~

Well maybe not in this way but clearly for me to keep going I'm passionate about this project.

However, I'd be lying if I didn't say there are days when I'm just not feeling it. Finding three new emails to contact isn't as easy as it sounds. My previous post of positivity is a distant memory now and I'm struggling. Maybe my admin brain is killing my creativity.

Therefore, I once again ask for your help. (I know you're already telling all your friends and family about my scintillating blog. You're tweeting like mad and changing your Facebook statuses/statae[!] to spread the word of the campaign.)

It's time to come up with a character that I could play on The Street. Perhaps it's a cousin of Samir (one of Deirdre's dead husbands) who's come to donate his kidney to Tracey Barlow. Maybe it's a cleaner for the Rovers...or a rival cabbie to Streetcars. I reckon the crazier, the better. You decide!

Send me your ideas and maybe I can mock up some photos and/or videos. Get my juices flowing again...and not just Deirdre's!

~ We're always moaning... ~

...that there are too many actors and too little work.  Hello?!  How many directors are there out there?  There are loads and now I begin to see how tough they have it too.  Just when I thought I'd exhausted all my contacts for emailing, I decided to concentrate on TV and film directors.  Now, I knew this would always be tricky as they're not all listed in one place (to my knowledge).
My other option I considered was to email all the previous industry folk I'd contacted and be more direct to actually telling them about the campaign.  To date, I've been much more subtle.
So, I had to think out of the box - something I've started to do more often since this ridiculous campaign started.
I've come up with a secret way of finding lots of TV directors and will let you know how if  you contact me.  Now I've got new found vigour!

Is that a perfect segue to Ex-Lax?

This is a still from a short film I did at the weekend in Manchester called Framed.  I, surprisingly, play an oddball who spikes someone's coffee with laxatives. Delicious!

It's been an strange week or so for the campaign.  I've had a TV casting, commercial casting and theatre audition.  All three were the result of my brilliant agent and my very recent campaign emails.  I'm feeling positive and now just have to get the jobs.

I've been telling more random people about the campaign (sorry, randomers)!  Some people don't fully understand it.  Therefore if you have any questions, please contact me - no matter how silly.  I might start an FAQ page.  Similarly, if you have any suggestions - send 'em my way!

~ Jennifer, Alison, Phillipa, Sue, Deborah, Annabel, too ~

The Beautiful South's Song for Whoever is just like my really dull spreadsheet.  If you want to be a casting director, you need to be called Sue/Susie/Susan/Suzanne/Suzy.  It really is a winning name with eight of my thrilling emails going to their inboxes.  The most popular male name is Andy with a total of three emails.

It's got to the stage where I've nearly exhausted all the possibilities of casting directors to target.  I'm now try more directors but if you're reading this  perhaps you could suggest some names for me to contact.

Have I really got nine more months of this?  HELP!

~ Should I become Kenyan? ~

I'm doing my emails whilst watching Coronation Street Goes To Kenya.  These Kenyan actors are pretty darn good.  I think I may have some competition.

This is my favourite time of day to do my emails and my nocturnal typings are always the most productive.  I always work well to a deadline and with midnight looming, my fingers are on fire. 

Looking forward to thirty degree heat at the weekend.  Who needs Africa?  

~ A Golden Day ~

Today, as Team GB win gold, my campaign achieved its desired intention.  Admittedly, it was an actor friend who contacted me.  Nonetheless, curiosity had taken the better of them as they must have seen the blog in my email signature.  They were compelled to contact me.

This is the way I'd meant for it to work.  "Overcome with inquisitiveness" rather than bombarded is the master plan.  Let's hope someone high up at ITV Towers kills the cat too.

If HRH can star alongside Bond in the Opening Ceremony, I can surely hold my own with Emily Bishop.

Bottoms up!

1st August 2012

Like any good diet...

They say: "little and often," right?  I'm going to make a concerted effort to post more often.  
I've  been on holiday and have a tan to rival Mike's.  

So what happened to the campaign? I hear you say.  Well, I was rather organised and had my list of casting directors to contact with their email addresses.  My friend, "Loser" (an endearing nickname, believe me), took over the reigns whilst I was away.  She has much better gramma and speling than me.  Armed with the password to my account, she smoothly knocked out three a day despite traumatic WiFi experiences.

To date, I have sent around 126 emails and the response has been overwhelming.  There have been 6 replies.
There have been a number of oversights to date.  Loser was given two names that I'd already contacted.  I've had one bounce back.  I also miscounted the amount of days that I was away.  What a klutz! (I need to use that word more often).  Needless to say, being a bit superstitious, I've had to do extras to make amends for my wrong-doings.  

Anyway, I'll keep to my diet of little and often and sign out.  'Appen you're bored any road!!!

Uh oh

I've already made a mistake.  YIKES!  I did two emails yesterday instead of three.  I think it's cause I slacked off on my spreadsheet.  I've sent four today to remedy the situation.  I have had zero response so far but did find a Facebook page called:
Gotta love that...
Back on track, team!

"Soft launch" as those funny ad people say!

So I've vegetated, cogitated and digested (as Loyd Grossman would say) and put this off for lots of reasons - mainly because it's probably really stupid and might make me lots of enemies.  However, after a lengthy Skype chat with my great mate in South Africa, I got re-inspired.  My drive to do creative projects never ever properly takes off as I always want instant results.  Slow burn is not really in my vocab but a "soft launch" is what will work best for this project.  Rome wasn't built in a day but Weatherfield will be here in under twelve months.  The cylinders are fired up and many thanks go to the Western Cape, Bruh.
P.S. That's not a picture of him, by the way!

Soft launch date - Tuesday 12 June 2012

How it works

I am a professional actor who has started sending 3 emails per day to other industry professionals in the hope that they may help me.  Over the course of the year, I will have sent 1,095 emails.  If you're reading this now, I suspect you are in the business.
If not, who do you know, and can you help?  

What will it bring?

I've decided that I am going to be a regular character in Coronation Street before my twelve month project is complete.  However, my challenge is to do it without sending Corrie's casting department a single direct email.  As part of the project, I will be tracking my progress on a very dull spreadsheet (for my eyes only!) and updating the world with this slightly more interesting blog complete with ridiculous photos and other tidbits.

To achieve all this, I really need your help.

Why am I doing this?

  • I am a professional actor looking for an alternative route to achieve a goal.  I have spent over a decade doing low paid/unpaid shorts, web series, pilots and fringe shows.  Now it's time to take my career to another level.
  • Work breeds work. I've built up my skills and gained extensive experience.  Now I am shaking things up. I am not some sort of fame hungry wannabe who just "wants to be on the telly."  
  • When Blanche and Ken looked this good, who wouldn't want to be part of it?

How can you help?
I'm not asking for a financial donation for my half-marathon via justgiving.com.  I'm not telling you to forward an email to 20 other people and  you'll get a free iPad.   I don't want you to transfer eight million dollars into my Nigerian bank account.  

I'd simply love you to do any or all of the following: 
  • Contact my agent (or me) for a "General"/"cup of tea" meeting/chat
  • See me for a role in something you are casting
  • Offer me a great job
  • Tell your colleagues about my project
  • Forward my email to an associate/tweet about it/update your Facebook status to raise awareness of my project
  • View my showreel via my Spotlight page (link here)

(You could also send me an abusive email telling me I'm a loser and to get a life).

Please take a little time out to help me along the cobbles!

Thank you.

Click to view my Spotlight CV